Suzanne Alexander: Portfolio

Instructional Design

Providing samples of instructional design work is problematic due to the proprietary nature of the work that I create. Work created and published for VMware and Amazon Web Services is protected and not available for demonstration purposes.

The following work samples were created for demonstration and academic projects:

Try-N-Save Sporting Goods


Design Problem Description:

Try-N-Save Sporting Goods is moving its sales skills training from an instructor-led classroom delivery model to an e-learning model for marketing managers and membership staff. The goal is to create a consistent experience for both the staff who take the training and, consequently, the customers who interact with them. The training must be engaging and effective. It must enable the membership staff to communicate, sell, and deliver the value of Try-N-Save Sporting Goods services to its members.

Project Requirements:

  • The instructional designer will create approximately 10 minutes of online training based on the provided Try-N-Save Sporting Goods content.
  • The training will engage the learner through interactions and learning activities.
  • The instructional designer will provide a storyboard detailing the structure and content of the course. The storyboard should be complete from start to finish, and should include an outline, course objectives, and a learning activity.
  • The development and design team will develop an interactive training based on the provided source materials.

Case Studies

Case Studies: Needs Assessment, Instructional Design, Program Evaluation (.pdf)

The above document provides an overview of three semester-length projects completed in conjunction with the masters program for Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning at Boise State:

  • Needs Assessment for Telecommunications Consulting Company
  • Instructional Design for Consumer Debt Counselors
  • Evaluation of the Installer Readiness Training Program